About us


frankie & lou stands for sustainable and fair children’s fashion that dances at its own pace – wild im Herzen, gentle in appearance. frankie & lou takes their freedom and accompanies children with heart and soul on their way into the big, wide world.

frankie & lou sees itself as a provider of a key pieces collection that offers sustainable, timeless favorite pieces that can be combined in many ways. The children’s fashion label is turning the classic rhythm of the fashion industry on its head and relies on seasonal series that complement the key pieces collection with new colors, shapes and qualities.

When it comes to sustainability, frankie & lou goes one better with the pre-loved offer. Customers can pass on worn and well-preserved items via the children’s fashion label’s homepage.

The soul of frankie & lou is owner and designer Arleny Stegmaier. After working in the textile industry for many years, the Swiss woman with Dominican roots has decided to go her own way – away from the mass-produced fashion industry, with sustainable and fair standards. With her label frankie & lou, Leny stands for quality and transparency. In addition, respect, authenticity and diversity are important basic values ​​for their work.

frankie & lou only uses sustainable, pollutant-tested materials in GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic quality and, as a sustainable children’s fashion label, would like to take responsibility for people and the environment. frankie & lou is produced in small series in a factory in Portugal and ensures sustainable and fair production throughout the entire process.

The name frankie & lou is synonymous with the character of the brand. Frankie, derived from the old German name “Franke”, means to be a free person. Lou, a form of “Ludwig”, stands for a strong and celebrated fighter. With this in mind, Leny has found her own rhythm with frankie & lou.

You can find out more about how we work sustainably at „Unsere Werte