Hello! Let me introduce myself!

Hi, I’m Arleny Stegmaier. You can call me Leny too. I’m glad you’re here. ♥
So that you might learn a little bit more about game at heart, I’ll introduce myself.

1. Swiss-Girl #grüezi with Dominican roots

2. 32nd year old. Must even show ID when buying cooking wine

3. 159cm tall and shoe size 35

4. I have 9 tattoos and I am mega sensitive to pain

5. fashion designer, textile economist and state-approved educator #I collect degrees

6. mom (soon 2x), wife, daughter, sister, wife and girlfriend (order varies)

7. heart man with helper syndrome

8. jack-of-all-trades with 1000 ideas and dreams #siehefakt5 😉

9. perfectionist but also chaotic

10. wannabe hippie eco

11. cook and bake fairy

12th caterpillar insatiable

13th great flower wreath lover. Use every festive occasion to wear one 🙂

14. sun worshipper and winter haters

15. beer, coffee and wine spurner #bääääh

16. dreams of a cottage by the lake/sea #puddle area dive #main water

17. vegetarian

18. travel madness # wanderlust

19. for many years in a partnership marked by love and respect

20. arrived and happy

So much for me! I’m so glad you’re here! ♥

Stay cheeky and wild and wonderful! ✌

By the way: Here you can learn more about game in the heart.

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