Wild At Heart becomes Frankie & Lou

In March 2017, when I launched my sustainable fashion label, I called the label “Wild at heart”. Inspired by my own childhood because as a young girl I was more Pipi Langstrumpf than Annika. I was a very spirited and strong-willed little girl who was always looking for adventure and drove my mother crazy. But always with a great sense for justice and the urge to help others. Fast forward in March 2017 I was still more pee-pee than Annika and was looking for a suitable name for my brand.

I came across a quote from Astrid Lindgren (author of the Pipi Langstrumpf books).

“Don’t let it get you down. Be bold, wild and wonderful”. Inspired by this, “Wild at heart” was born.

But as me and Wild in Heart got “older”, I couldn’t identify her collections with the brand name anymore. The designs are minimalist, and I use few prints that are more vintage than “wild”.

Also, the desire grew to internationalize the brand and expand the women’s models.

In a desperate search for a name with the same strong meaning as wild in my heart, I decided to free my heart and mind and simply look for names that I like and enjoy to call my “third baby”. The process took a year.

So that’s where Frankie & Lou came in.

First came Lou, I love that name!

Lou is unisex, so it’s suitable for all genders. It is English and French and is derived from the old German name “Ludwig”, which means strong and celebrated fighter.

And then Frankie joined in, I love the sound.

Frankie is also unisex and is derived from the old German name “Franke” and means to be a free person.

So I came to the name Frankie & Lou.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Nothing has changed in the values and quality of my label! Sustainability, high quality, non-toxic organic materials and fair production come first.

Your Leny.

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